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Actividades Casa do Azeite

Casa do Azeite, the Portuguese Olive Oil Association, like other industry associations, was initially created to represent its members in collective negotiation processes. Gradually, we expanded our goals and became increasingly focused on promoting the image of bottled Brand Olive Oil as a guarantee of quality and authenticity.
These two goals are the basis for all our activities, from researching, to proposing new policies to governmental or associative bodies or offering support services to our members (in areas such as legal disputes, work contracts, finance and tax).
Casa do Azeite, the Portuguese Olive Oil Association, also belongs to several national and international organizations and takes part in forums and consultations with public administration, at national, european and international level.
In Portugal, we’re part of the following organizations:

  • FIPA – Portuguese Food and Drink Federation - a member since July 1994.

  • AIFO –Interbranch Organization for the Olive Oil Sector
  • At the European Community level, we’re part of:
  • FEDOLIVE –European Olive Oil Industry Federation- a member since 1986, along with Spanish, Greek, French and Italian associations.
  • Furthermore, this Association is represented, by nomination of the Commissioner of Agriculture, in the Permanent Group “Olive Oils and Table Olives” of the Consultive Committee “Specialised Productions” of the European Commission, which participates and collaborates in defining the laws in the EU for the olive oil sector.

At an international level, Casa do Azeite, has been developing relationships that strengthen the bond with the following organisations:

  • The International Olive Council (IOOC) where Casa do Azeite is represented in the Consultive Committee with the Observer statute, making part of the International Agreement for the Control of Olive oil and Pomace Oil Commercialised in Third Countries Markets where the IOOC does promotions. (United States/ Canada, Australia, Brazil, China / Taiwan and Japan)
  • Oliva – Brazilian Association of Producers, Importers and Sellers of Olive Oil
  • NAOOA – North American Olive Oil Association (since January 1997) which has as its primary function to promote the consumption of Olive Oil in the United States and Canada, as well as acting as market regulators and ensuring quality control of Olive Oil in these markets.